We teach maintenance teams HOW TO EXECUTE predictive maintenance programs at their own facilities.

It’s no easy feat to start an organization-wide in-house PdM program with a team spread across the country

We get it.

There’s a lot of training to complete and the logistics of tracking training progress can be a nightmare.

That’s why we work with organizations to streamline their predictive maintenance training in order to get the most out of their PdM program.

Whether your maintenance team is two men or 200, we can ensure your team has effective training to help them execute your vision of a company with facilities that are streamlined profitability machines.

To arrange a group training or request more information, complete the training request form and we will get back to you to discuss your training needs.

Who we’ve helped

“I thoroughly enjoyed the EffectivePdM course. The instructors did a great job of sharing their experience and making the content relatable.

My favorite section was the hands on field inspection. We were able to inspect live energized enclosures and apply the in-class theory in a real world setting. They even covered project planning and field efficiency. I would highly recommend this course.

Josh M.
Senior Power Systems Engineer


“I’ve taken other infrared courses out there and would have to say this is definitely the most practical and relevant one out there. Our team was able to go from just receiving our IR imager to being able to put the training to practice the next day.

Doug K.
Maintenance Supervisor


“I really liked how they provided templates to be able to do inspections. Our team will be able to apply this process right away. I would definitely recommend this course.

Brent D.
Maintenance Technician II


FAQs for Organizations

Your questions about payments:

Yes, we offer discounts for teams. Please email for more information.

We’ll send an invoice to you and/or the appropriate person in your organization, and we accept payments by credit card and ACH.

Yes, we’ll process your purchase order and issue an invoice.

If your organization is tax-exempt, please email a copy of your state-issued tax-exempt form, including the number of people you wish to enroll.

Sure, we’re happy to provide the necessary information to officially get set up in your system.

Your questions about onsite training:

We train your team on their own equipment so they have on-the-job experience by the end of the day. Training will be a combination of learning in a training/board room and on the floor of the facility with live equipment.

Our implementation training is based on an 8 hour day and can vary slightly depending on how many students are in the group.

We prefer training during a day shift and anyone that is on night shift will have the opportunity to take our online training. With select cases, we will accommodate multiple shift in-person training.

You will need to provide a training/board room with a projector screen or large TV, Wifi, meals/snacks for your team, PPE and tools to open electrical equipment on your production floor.

Your questions about enrollment & logging in (Online Course)

Yes, we can do a bulk enrollment of your entire team on our end, same day. We just need each person’s full name and email address. Each person will then receive a welcome email and can immediately access the course.

Yes, we can send you a report of login activity and course completion, either on a scheduled or as-needed basis.

It’s to your advantage to have your own log-in so you can easily track your progress through the course. We operate on the honor system and reserve the right to revoke access if we see an unusually high number of log-ins from the same account.

Request Training

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